Girls Team

The Girls Gymnastics Team has a 40 year history of excellence at McCracken’s.

A facility with modern equipment, dedicated and expert staff, and gymnasts who go the “extra mile” to stay at the top of their sport are the reason we can claim over 1,500 Kansas State Champions in the course of 40 years. Besides State, we qualify many of our gymnasts to attend Region lll Championships and beyond on a regular basis with many successes. Teams are a tight group. These girls train together, travel together, and play together. Competing in at least 8 meets per season, and more for optional Levels (Level 6 & above), the gymnasts and their families all get to know one another and form a big McCracken’s family.

We are proud of our Girls Team. We are happy for the winners and for those who don’t win some of the meets because they are all doing something worthwhile, and they are learning life’s lessons.

Questions regarding competitive teams, please contact Amber at Amber@mcgymswim.com